How to shoot long exposure photographs

A beginners tutorial to the technique and kit

Long Exposure Tutorial

12 page introduction to long exposure photography. Split into 6 easy sections covering the basics on how to get you started on your 'long exposure photography' journey!

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Long Exposure Tutorial
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An excerpt from the tutorial

...If you are a beginner, this quick guide should give you enough information to get started without worrying too much about metering, white balance and other more advanced techniques, it’s all about having fun with your camera, and picking up the more advanced techniques as you progress, if you worry too much about those things at the start, it will either put you off or you’ll never get out there and experiment in the first place! Remember, everybody has to start somewhere and find their own way...

"Stunning work you have done here Marcus, love how you play with the contrast in your processing to bring out every detail. Nicely done."
Eduardo L