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About Marcus Castle Photography

A little bit about my Lake District photography passion!

Marcus Castle head shot

I studied 'Fine Art, Photography and Graphic Design' at college in Bolton and University in Manchester over 25 years ago, this subsequently led me into the creative industry which I have worked in ever since. I'm always learning, researching new techniques and applying new photographic styles.

What's exciting to me about digital photography is the freedom to experiment with colour and style. Doing this to a degree that is pleasing to the eye. It's not always necessary to be 'naturally' realistic in the final output. High contrast black and white or desaturated colour create a different emotion than vibrant full colour images. Every style has a place and looks equally as good to different people! I also post some of my images to numerous social media sites where I engage with the opinions and interactions of the photography community.

I use Canon Digital cameras purely out of familiarity with the product range, the results from the cameras and lenses coupled with the reliability that is associated with the brand. I use a variety of Canon lenses from wide angle to telephoto depending on the subject. My preferred style centres around long exposure photography.